Wednesday, May 26, 2010


@_@ cuteness overload :)

Justin Bieber. I get why people like him. In the 90's, the 15-year-old me would have gone crazy over him. I grew up in the boy band era, so that saaaaays a lot about my acceptance of the growing force that is Bieber. The song "Baby" is not so bad, it's the perfect song to listen to when you are bathing your dog (or is it just me?). The other song "One Time" used to be my breakfast song. You know, the one you sing along to while having your caffeine fix?. Indah got me addicted to the other song, the duet with Sean Kingston. Yesterday, that song was on repeat the entire time while doing laundry. Damn, that scared me for a second. 
Oh did I just spelled 'Bieber' right? 
~panic~ panic~!

Fortunately, one thing I've learned throughout the years, just enjoy feel-good music when you hear one. Bieber might be a kid, overplayed, overrated, whiny voice, stupid hair and bla bla bla but if his sugar pop song makes your day a bit better why not just..feel? 
Life's too short to take a pop song seriously.

Above all, I still prefer my Ingrid, Robin, Buble, Leona and Jason, thank you very much.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Naughty Bites

CHAIR. Anyone who reads my blog, my tweets and my Facebook status probably knows that I'm an avid Gossip Girl fan. I blogged about the Season Two Finale in which Chuck finally confessed his undying love for one Blair Waldorf. In this Season Finale, Chuck and Blair holds the spotlight again with one BIG question mark : "Will Blair meets Chuck at the top of the Empire State Building?

My guess? YES. But Blair won't make it on time. She will probably have a last minute epiphany and runs off to the building only to find Chuck gone. Hey, it's 7.01pm! "My heart is closed for you forever" - sounds lame but when Chuck said it, it's perfect. I love Chair but there's no way a second happy ending is lined up for them.
But I am happy to be proved wrong. PLEASE!

GLEE. When did Rachel get so annoying? I liked her in the first half of the season and then she just got...annoying! But I love her voice, except that weird tortured expression she get going on when she sings. My current favorites are Brittany and Santana - especially Brittany. Girl is just so clueless!!!! hahahaha! Emma is adorable and Sue, oh SUE! My favorite TV bitch. Nothing brings it like Sue.

TAN. I've got a tan, doesn't look good on me. The sight of my own skin peeling off is tragic.

STOLEN. Someone stole my favorite vintage blouse from the hostel laundry room. I hope you trip and fall and break your nose! 

SECOND. My Red Devils ended up second in the EPL. Don't fuckin' gloat in the comments or I might cyber-bitchslap you. ha ha

CONFIDENCE. My life will never be the same when this week ends. I've always wondered about the extent of my confidence when it comes to things that are not...well, my thing. But one thing for sure, I will NOT let myself down. I'm going to do this for me, and whatever the outcome is, I will make sure that I have ABSOLUTELY nothing to regret. Amen. 

DRAMA QUEEN. I got voted as the Drama Queen at the recent B.ED TESL Cohort 3 Farewell Dinner. Not because I am one in real life, just that I used to act on stage. I miss those drama days :)

Well, that's it for now....waitt there's one more. I got my first blog award from Dedz and Manda! 
Will blog about it later.
Till the next post, tata!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Over and Out.

candy roses unicorns and babyblues!
B.Ed TESL is over and done with.
Well, unofficially lah.
But still, 
Reaching the finishing line after what feels to be forever and never-ending,
is really, truly fulfilling.
This calls for a...