Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Holiest Thing Alive

Sometimes, it's embarrassing how much my Ma is still the same overprotective nag like she was when I was 12. 

Ten years ago: "Makan sayur banyak-banyak supaya kurang sikit jerawat ko"
Now: "Itulah ko tidak makan sayur. Tingu kulit ko banyak scar."

Ten years ago: "Ko sudah minum susu ka?" She forced Nespray on me
Now: "Ko sudah minum susu ka?" She forced Alpha Lipid on me.

Ten years ago: "Jangan lupa botol air ko atas meja" 
So I'm forgetful.
Now: "Mama suda kasi sedia botol air ko. Jangan lupa lagi macam kemarin" 
I was in my final year in college and I still forget my "botol air". Old habits die hard.

Ten years ago: It's always fried rice and hot milo for breakfast. It always took her ten minutes to wake me up for school.
Now: Toast bread and hot nescafe for breakfast. She knocks on my door "E-C,  pukul 5.30 sudah ni, bangun!"

She never let me, nor my little sister out of sight when we were little. I had to sulk for two days before she finally relented and let me go to my first camping trip. I don't have to ask for permission now but she still calls when I'm out - "mau hujan lebat ni" which is mum-speak for "be home early".

There was one time when I went to a friend's house to watch Titanic. It was 1998, I was 12 and Leonardo Di Caprio was a revelation. I didn't tell her because the friend's house is 2km away. She wouldn't allow me to walk on my own, you know, because bad guys are everywhere. That's what she told me every day. I decided that Titanic would be worth braving the threat of bad guys and..uh head hunters. She flipped out when she got home from school and I wasn't there. 

Later that night..... 
Relax ma, I said, I only went to a friend's house.
Ya, but I didn't know where you were and I was worried sick.Don't ever do that again..yada yada yada...

Last year, I went on a trip to Penang. By bus. From Shah Alam. It was a wonderful trip. On the journey back to Shah Alam from Penang, it was near midnight and we are still on the road. She called every hour, asking where I was, how much longer until we reach Shah Alam. I got annoyed. Ma, no need to freak out. The bus driver is driving slowly. It was near 3am when I got home at Shah Alam, Now I can sleep, she said. 
My dad called later in the afternoon, telling me that mum didn't sleep well last night worrying about me.  
Just, be careful ok, don't worry us so much, he said.  
Will do, pa.

I am 23 now. Mum still cooks me breakfast. Forces me to eat veg. Calls me when I'm out, reminding me to be safe. Get on my case if I skip breakfast or shop too much. Nag me to sort out the ever expanding stuff in my room, tell me to keep my long hair or tone down the junk food. 

Between 1998 and 2010, a lot of things happened. The highlight? - I grew up. But for some strange reason, Mum never got that memo. To her, I'll always be that little girl that cuddles up to her at night.

So I get it you know, I'll always be her little girl. Age is just a number anyway.
And I wouldn't it have it any other way.


 I love you :)

Friday, July 2, 2010

All Things TV

Here's a quick recap of what you can expect from some of my your favorite TV series when they return a few months from now.

1. Gossip Girl : The case of love interest.

i. As we all know, Chuck Bass was shot in the season three finale. Fret not, he's alive and a "changed" man after his close encounter with death. He will have a new girlfriend, name unknown, and they will bump into Blair and Serena in Paris. Clemence Poesy (pic below), who was in one of the Harry Potter movies, will play Chuck's new girlfriend. 

ii. Lover boy Nate who has slept with every girl on the Upper East Side will also have a new love interest. Katie Cassidy (pic below. wow, she's so Serena!) of Melrose Place fame, had been casted to play this role. I wonder where the writers are going with this. Nate haven't had his own storyline since Season Two. Well, a storyline that doesn't involve falling in love with a new girl and getting effed up by the girl in the end. Boring! and Chace can't really act. Sorry.

Season Four of Gossip Girl will return on September 13th.

2. Glee : The dentist and Charice

i. Emma told Will that she's dating her dentist in the season 1 finale. Lo and behold, John Stamos will be playing the dentist! I bet the character is a douche. Looking at his picture did nothing to lessen that suspicion..

ii. The super talented Charice Pempengco has joined the Glee cast for season 2 as a recurring character. Playing an international transfer student, Charice, whose character's name is yet to be released, will be Rachel's new rival, maybe something like the Rachel-April rivalry in the first half of season 1? Since Charice is just as good as Rachel, vocal-wise, how about personality-wise? We'll just have to wait and see. 

iii. Another yeay? There will be a Brittany-centric episode in the new season. This is by far, the best.move.ever by the writers! 

My favorite Brittany line: "Did you know that dolphins are just gay sharks?"

Season 2 of Glee will return in September. Premiere date has not been specified yet.

3. House - Huddy and a new doctor

House and Cuddy will 'engage in a meaningful relationship". I've been waiting for Huddy to happen since three seasons ago. The writer sure made us wait! Furthermore, expect Dr. Cameron to make few appearance, Thirteen won'be around and a new female doctor will join the team. Awesome~

Here's the Season 7 premiere picture released by CW. Huddy on vacation! 

Season 7 of House will return in September. Premiere date has not been specified yet.

4. Supernatural - Reunited
The gist of the new season as released by the CW:

Season six will be a season of mystery and shadow... monsters, angels and demons roam across a lawless and chaotic landscape. And so Dean Winchester, who has retired from hunting and sworn never to return, finds himself being pulled back into his old life — pulled back by none other than Sam Winchester, who has escaped from Hell.

The two reunite to beat back the rising tide of creatures and demon-spawn, but they quickly realize that neither are who they used to be, their relationship isn’t what it used to be, and that nothing is what it seems.

In case you missed it, Castiel and Bobby will return as..Castiel and Bobby. Apparently both are alive! Excited yet? Emmm, i'm more on the curious side.
My favorite picture of Sam and Dean from Season 1. No, they are not boyfriends on the show, they are brothers! ~roll eyes~

The sexy Winchesters will return for Season Six on September 24th.
These updates are legit and confirmed as of 1st of July 2010 as released on TV FANATIC and several other official sites of the aforementioned shows :)