Friday, March 27, 2009


If I just breathe
Let it fill the space in between
I'll know everything is alright
Every little piece of me
You'll see
Everything is alright
If I just breathe

-Michelle Branch "Breathe"

Do you rush through each day as if on the fly,

never catching up no matter how you try?
When the day is done do you lie in your bed
With the next hundred chores running through your head?

You better slow down.
Don’t dance so fast.
Time is short.
The music won’t last.

When you’re running so fast to get somewhere.
When you worry and hurry through your day
You miss half the fun of getting the day,
It is like an unopened gift just thrown away.

Life is not a race.
Do take it slower.
Hear the music
Before the song is over.

~ I officially turn 22 last Tuesday.
And life didn't get any easier

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pah Dearest

This is to fulfill my obligation as a good friend to Pah Sharihana, who desperately wants me to do this tag ~dramatic sigh~ haha.

Describe 10 things about the person who tagged you.
  1. Pah ni sempoi, lucu dan mempunyai ketawa yg amat merdu.
  2. Pah ni best kalo dibawa bershopping, melancong dan menyanyi d k-box.
  3. Pah ni mempunyai sepasang bulu mata yg tebal, panjang dan lentik. Sangat memukau jika dilihat dari jarak dekat.
  4. Pah ni suka pakai gloss. Jenama pilihan ialah Maybelline.
  5. Pah suka makan mashed potatoes.
  6. Pah tinggal serumah dengan Dewi di hostel Akasia, Seksyen 18.
  7. Pah belum pernah pergi konsert.
  8. Pah klu pergi kelas selalu stylo dari atas sampai bawah.
  9. Pah adalah antara peneraju rentak "shabooya" d Maktab Gaya.
  10. Pah pandai menyanyi sambil berjoget.
Genting Highlands 2009.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Google Perv

"He had ambitions, at one time, to become a sex maniac, but he failed his practical"
-Les Dawson

Because of the *excessive use* of F-word in my previous posts, (totally unintended of course, and anger-driven), some pervert got directed to my blog when ~presumably~ he was looking for:

Apparently dude has a fetish for incestuous copulation.
I'm going to stop here before the ranting gets nasty.
What has the world become?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Seriously, WTF?

The match is over, but the EPL isn't,
but they are celebrating as if the season is over. (pffffffttttttthhhh)
I guess when you beat the Champions of the WORLD, EUROPE, and ENGLAND,
It's almost like winning the premiership you haven't won for 19 years and counting.

Reality check: I'm dissapointed with our performance,
I thought it would get better after the Inter game.
Losing is not something that we are accustomed to, and losing against Liverfool is, perhaps even worse that losing the Cup.
On the bright side, we are still on for the Quintuple and maintained our top position.
Vidic, I still love you:)

Some things are just not meant to be.
We will bounce back. We always do.
Oh, I know so:)


p/s This is a strange night, really. I had a good day shopping and book-hunting at Times Square and the Summit.
Obviously, my good day is fucked up.
Good Night.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Wooing Made Easy

These days, you don't even have to meet the person to ask for his/her phone number.
With the existence of Facebook/Friendster/Tagged/Myspace. etc,
all you have to do is type a couple of lines and hope for the best.
It's time saving,
even works as a face-saving device from the shame of face2face rejection.

In my case,
I don't do phone numbers exchange with online strangers.
Now don't go accusing me of being snobbish and standoffish,
I just feel it's safer that way.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Of Licence, Boys, and Luck

"I won't worry my life away"
- Jason Mraz (The Remedy)

"Too lucky.
It has to be luck.
And a bit of determination and st
rong will.
Or else this week would be a total waste"

For starters,
I am now legal on the road.
Passed my JPJ test last Wednesday!

Guess where I celeb

At the Jason Mraz's concert (Stadium Negara, KL)
He is simply AWESOME! I came as a so-so fan, and went out a fanatic fan. He had a fab backing band, and an even better voice than on record. When he belted out "If It Kills Me",
I swear I almost fainted cuz his voice is so beautiful and haunting and heart-wrenching at the same time.
You have to be there to know the feeling! So, let me give it to you straight:
Jason is HOT + SEX
and most of all
You could tell how much he loves what he does:)
Thank you for making my first concert memorable, xoxo

I was in the pit and look at how CLOSE we were at one point! hihi. Blurry shot coz it's hard to maintain a steady hand when everyone keeps pushing and screaming!


p/s A special holla to my cuz, Yen! Never thought that we would see each other there:-)
It was a pleasant surprise (n_n)/

What A Week:-)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

I Dream Of Coach

I've never been a fan of branded goods,
my fashion rule is simple: "why should i splurge when i can get a similar one at a cheaper price?"
I live by my scholarship and allowance money
That should explains it.

p/sThere is one exception though, I
don't buy replicas. Almost did once but never will.ever.

that was the case until I fell in love with this bag a few months ago..

The retail price in Malaysia is about RM 1500++,
A few Malaysia-based blogshops are selling it at a slightly cheaper price,
and some do offer installments
I will have to restrain myself from shopping and eating properly for two months.
It will be like signing my death sentence. ~sigh~

Ever since that fateful night a few months ago,
I've been an obsessive fan of Coach.
Been stalking the Coach official site and a few other Coach blogshops for quite sometime now.
There was one time when I ~almost~ buy this cute leather framed french purse, priced at
RM 425, the cheapest of all the Coach purses I think,
but someone else beat me to it.
My first Coach purchase will have to wait then:(
Therefore, I hereby declare that..
One of my resolution before the year ends..
is to own at least ONE of those gorgeous Coach babies.
Save More, Shop Less.
Let's hope I don't get sidetracked.


All people dream, but not equally.
Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their mind,
Wake in the morning to find that it was vanity.

But the dreamers of the day are dangerous people,
For they dream their dreams with open eyes,
And make them come true.

D.H Lawrence