Sunday, July 24, 2011

All Hell Breaks Loose

22nd of July marked the first year anniversary of Jess, the working woman. In the span of three months that I went M.I.A, a mixture of things happened. I know I'm a changed person. I have entered the profession because of passion, because I wanted to be an educator. However, there were a number of times that I wished I was someplace else doing something different. The workload, time, money and amount of energy spent at school and on the students are overwhelming sometimes. Even passion comes second when the spirit is battered.

The good part? - the pay is just enough for a good living. Now that I've got Jack ;-

my financial management has changed drastically. And shopping falls to the 'least important' section. From here now on, the main question when out shopping is "Shoes OR Jeans OR Dress Or Make Up?". Sucks right? but yeah, that's what adulthood is all about - balancing debts, wants and needs while enjoying life and the drama that comes with it.

Huarghhh , even I feel bored typing this particular post. Complaints and all that noise is not going to improve things, but at least I know I have something going on in life that's worth getting up to every mpr. Well, two cents to those who are just starting in the working world, make sure your financial management is on the right track. You don't wanna work just to settle the debts, that's a sad sad life ya'll.

So I'm ending this post with R.I.P dedication to the late Amy Winehouse. Thank you for the music Amy, hope it's better for you up there.


And also a promise to blog as often as possible. Pinky Promise.

Bye now! xoxoxo