Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Random Act Of Stupidity

"Every man must die sooner or later, but good books must be preserved."

After hours of going from rack to rack..
patiently pulling out one SUPERTHICK journal after another,
endlessly scanning the titles, conveniently printed in small letters,
all that while putting up with a stiff neck and a buzzing head at the same time.

I found the right journal,


the part that I wanted had been ripped out.
If i ever get my hands on the idiot, ((*&(*&(*!
Ever heard of a photocopy machine?
or that you can actually borrow the journal to photocopy outside should the machine in the library doesn't work?


RiEn_Akio said...

....Fudgin' stupid idiot.... I can't believe such stupid a** person exists! How selfish can you be!!!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

hah! desperate times, desperate measures.

Dierdre said...

Huaa!!!! If I ever do that.. I mean, I won't ever. I'd get silly nightmares. Darn, that image totally triggered my OCD.