Sunday, August 2, 2009


"Fashion is all about eventually becoming naked"

Some of my students are big fans of Lady Gaga. So here's my advice, girls (and boys), you can copy her hairstyle (minus the dye) and her dance moves, but NEVER, i repeat, NEVER, her choice of clothing. I understand the need to be fashion forward, but walking around wearing vahjayjay-flashing, bikini-inspired catsuit? Really?. Halloween is not a daily occasion. Unless you are the Lady herself. I'm all for originality, trademark and uniqueness but this is definitely not hot.

*Taken from PerezHilton

~ dodging tomatoes and pies~


seth rogen said...


Carmelliny said...

bidak offense ar to all Lady Gaga's fans..

Liyana said...

gosh,is that d real seth rogen??(comment above)

although her songs are good,her fashion sense is definitely not something anyone can pull off!yikesss

Jessica_Lyne said...

Li, that's not d real seth rogen. my sister fooling around..haha. Agreed! Lady gaga is something kan but hopefully that trend starts and ends with her.

Carmel: hihihihi