Thursday, March 25, 2010

Shine On

This is my life, summarized in one single illustration.

As of today, March 25 2010. 11.24 am, I have about a month and half left to my final semester :)
Time does fly.

Yesterday, March 24 2010, as the clock strikes 12, hello world, I'm a 23-year-old. It was a memorable birthday because it was also the day I turned in the first completed draft of my research paper (the thing that I've given my everything to, in fact it's the most important thing in my life right now) after weeks of dodging my supervisor. The only tragedy of the day is the fact that my parents actually forgot my birthday. It's okay, they will make it up to me..he he he.

I realized that people have started asking me "bila ko mau kawin?", especially at weddings. 
Me getting married is not happening anytime soon.
Hence the matchmaking attempts.
Someday, when I'm ready, on my own terms, I will.
Relax will you?

Since this is a belated birthday post, perhaps some reflection of the years gone by should be included. Well:
Despite the crazy workload,
Despite the non-existent social life,
Despite the nonboyfriendness,
Despite some shitty incidents,

I'm a better, stronger, hotter, and happier person that all of the past Jessicas combined.
Happy Birthday Jess ;)
You frickin' pwned life.


Dewi Batrishya said...

Hepi Belated BurpDay Jess!
Stay Gorgeous as always.. (^~)

chegu carol said...

happy birthday jess.
keep shining on! :)

syam said...

Happy Belated Birthday! u so gonna be a hot teacher:D
d bonus question is unavoidable ..even I get that always, since im the only single hot babe in the family and the rest suda kawin. lol.

dyradyana said...

i am afraid if we have same cycle of 24/7. i sleep a lot lately, is it because I refuse to do the work? I online often, is it because I tend to procrastinate?

Well girl, we have grown, I see you from the last 6 years until today. Changes we do. Towards the betterment, of course. U r one of the sweet friends of mine. Stay the way u r, bcoz we have a lot of things to do when when we start working soon. vacation!!! Tingtong!

Hey, girl. I may not meet you often after this final sem, but I promise to always keep in touch with you. jangan nak ngade2 lupa kt kte plak pasni...let's rock the remaining weeks of the final sem!

GeTzzz.... said...

-Happy birthday dear!-xoxo

-sure gonna put that date in my hearty box of mind-

Icky said...

Nice pic! looks like you!

Jessica Lyne Andrew said...

Thanks Dewi and Chegu Carol! :)
mimie: mimang org susah mo tingu hot babe yg masih single kan..hahaha
Felly: thanks sis!
Icky: must be the hair..hehehe