Monday, August 9, 2010

How You Remind Me

Sometimes, (especially in the past two weeks) I forgot WHY I'm here. Too busy being a whiny baby.
Sometimes, I need to remind myself WHY I'm here.
And guess what?
The reminder came to me.

It's like, the big guy up there is trying to tell me:
"Stop moping" 
Remember how and why you came to be here.

p/s yang ini kira lucu juga la. Ada dua budak Form 3 came to see me during recess. 
"Cigu, ni present untuk cigu". 
"Aikk, cigu pernah masuk kelas kamu ka?"
"Tida pernah"
"Jadi kenapa kamu bagi cigu hadiah?"
"Sebab kami mau rapat-rapat sama cigu"



WaWa said...

Wah, sweetnya... Ko tak ajar pon, budak datang nak rapat? Ko memang ada aura penarik la Jess... :D

I have no doubt you will be a great teacher and a great friend to the students! ;)

Jessica Lyne said...

Wawa, i guess being a new teacher has its moments. Nanti kalau dah lama sikit, mesti naik kepala juga budak-budak tu..haha. Hopefully tak lah :)

Wyne Ren @ Mauve Ocean Blue said... are popular teacher!! Anyway, memang lawa juga...tidak heran lah students adores you so much...siok!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

my first gifts from my first students are my rock too :)

Jessica Lyne said...

Wyne: siok la klu mula-mula but i bet things will get rocky juga at some point. Kids can be unpredictable.

Jessica Lyne said...

Manda: "Testimony of one's awesomeness" :)

Angel said...

All this time I'm thinking about not being a teacher and other options out there. However, things like this keep me in the lane :)

Jessica Lyne said...

Angel: The reward is rare but priceless :)

Anonymous said...

c i told you ba byk ur peminat... hehe.. =)
thats gud la ba, means u r so welcome there =) gojes tcher =)

dreamChaser said...

being a teacher :)

its a great job. welcome to the teaching profession :)

Jessica Lyne said...

thanks dream chaser ;)