Sunday, December 18, 2011

One Step Forward

For all the awesome things that I'm known for (ceh! :P), being a domestic goddess is not one of it. I'm not a good cook or should i rephrase that to "I can't cook". Up until my first year in Uni, the only meal i could cook with confidence is fried rice. I've been harboring desires to learn and get busy in the kitchen but the workload plus laziness hampered all attempts on my part. =_='

However everything changed when SPM happened, and I was no longer a Kitchen Virgin. As the story goes, I stayed back in Pinggan-Pinggan for a couple of weeks to fulfill my duty as an SPM invigilator. With so much free time and the sudden appearance of recipe books everywhere (I've got Kak Asnah to thank for that. Those books are among our entertainment during the long hours of invigilating).

So this particular recipe called "Ayam Kelapa" caught my eye. Mainly because I recognize all of the ingredients and the steps are explained clearly. After 3 days of contemplation, I told myself "stop being a lazy ass and own that kitchen, woman!". On Sunday, Ani and I drove to Kota Marudu to buy the ingredients needed. Highlight of the day? I found out what Daun Kari looks like.

The cooking part was quite comical. Well, I was all alone without anyone to tell me if I'm doing things right. The outcome was quite unexpected. I would like to think that I pull it off! *happydance* The chicken didn't taste weird, it's a bit spicy (due to the Cili Padi & Lada Merah) and there's a hint sweetness to it. (Really Jess? -_-) Sorry,  describing is not really one of my strong suit! Now, on to the pictures :-

PIC 1: This is hpw it's suppose to look like
PIC 2: JESS' VERSION (In Progress)

PIC 3: JESS' VERSION (In Progress)

PIC 4: JESS' VERSION (Completed)

I'm also glad to report that there was no case of diarrhea afterwards.
Hey, this is one thing I could get used to.
One step forward. My next challenge is that banana cake recipe.
Wish me luck readers! :)


Amanda Christine Wong said...

u didn't know how a curry leaf looks like? :O. ur dish looks yummy though :D

Anonymous said...


Miss Jess_Lyne said...

Manda: ya, baru tau masa mau masak tu +___+
V: thanks! :)