Tuesday, December 30, 2008

On Board :-)

For starters, i started this blog because i have nothing else better to do, it's 31st of December 2008 and i'm certainly not at Shah Alam (where i'm suppose to be), attending classes and reading Shakespeare ( what i should be doing).

I think the blog's name doesn't fit the paisley pinkish template, but I'm sticking with both anyway.

It's like a contradiction. I like that :-)

The year is almost gone, 2008. I learned a few things this year..


...that it's not the assignments that determine whether you live or die, it's the people you work with that would. It's obviously a fact but it's pretty much the highlight of my semester.

...that you could threw up from doing TOO much work.

...that experimenting with new style is fun until the novelty wears off. I should slap myself for ever thinking that long elastic socks could somehow be incorporated into a decent, non-emo and un-hookerish attire. It was a delusional vision, and thank God there's this thing called mirror.

...that a red tress is only awesome when the color actually LASTS! Re-color my hair again yesterday, it's suppose to be Dark Reddish Brown but all i see is purplish black. ~sigh~

...that no matter how much I think I know about the sugar and spices of raising a baby, the process is a whole lot harder and tiring that I imagined. Half of my December was dedicated to playing babysitter for my 9-month-old baby cousin. She is the sweetest thing but I almost died of sleep-deprivation because this little person doesn't nap and wakes up at 4am!

...that I'm a terrible cook no matter how hard I tried. Waaiitt, does slicing onions counts as cooking?

...that I should NEVER, EVER try riding a bike! I'm never touching a bike ever again unless it has three tyres and nice pedals.

...that crying is the best medicine after laughter.

To conclude 2008, I'm gonna have a glass of wine when the clock strikes 12 and tell myself what a torturous year 2008 has been and yet, I'm still here. 'Launching' my own blog. heh.

Happy New Year people!!!!!


pReciOus shaRihaNa said...

welcome on board.
hepi nu year love!

Anonymous said...

ganti tu gmbar!!

Yumandak said...

Happy New Year 2 u 2, darling!!! Like I said in ur shoutout; LOVE UR BLOG!!! P/S: Was da wine good? LOL

jessica_lyne said...

# Thanks Pah:-)
# Nope, i ain't changing the pic!
# Only half a glass, and yes it was good! haha..cheers! Adeh niza, i'm still working on improving this blog. Lets share tip kays :-)