Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Hotness of May

Chuck: "I love you too"

Blair: "Like, can you say it twice?"

Chuck: ~laughs~

Blair: "No I'm serious, say it twice"

Chuck:"I love you, I love you, that's three, four,I love you.."

Wow, it's been ages since my last entry! So much has been going on lately that I can't afford to spare a few minutes to post a quick entry, not that the happenings are very 'happening' anyway. Practicum will start in July, I can't say I'm excited. Not yet. I'll reserve the fear, anxiety, excitement and giddiness for July:)

Last Sunday, I had the opportunity to be part of the UN Inanam 09 competition. Not as a contestant, tapi jadi tukang touch-up my sis. I had no idea how we ended up there, but one thing led to another, and Dee (my sis), who was never really into UN was suddenly thrust into the district level stage. We didn't know what we were in for until it's too late.haha

The thing about joining UN is one has to be prepared mentally and physically. Penat bah tu rushing sana sini, jadi pengiring ja pun suda penat:) Dee kept complaining "sa tia pandai jalan owh, camanala ni?". It's true, her catwalk was disastrous tapi asal suda try, oklah ba kan. We enjoyed the whole thing despite the stress and a few "bikin panas" moments. I didn't even get to take pics of myself, the bane of being the photographer! ~sigh dramatically~


On a different note, some of my favorite series has reached their season finale.

: I absolutely love the fact that he and Sarah are finally together for REAL and Chuck knows kungfu! haha.. Can't wait for Season 3!

PRISON BREAK: I hated the ending. Some of you may like it, but the fact that Michael left a son doesn't compensate for his death. A true happy ending would have to include him, Sara and their little boy living happily ever after. Damn the writers!

HOUSE: Phewww, I didn't see that coming. House checked into a psychiatric hospital while Chase and Cameron tie the knot. I wonder what's gonna happen to House...bring on Season 6 already!

HEROES: Sylar is the new Nathan. Other than that, i can't seem to remember what transpired in the episode. I wonder why...

GOSSIP GIRL: ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I actually screamed when Chuck said the three magic words to Blair...like five frickin' times!!!! Now that's what I call a rocking finale!

*Team Chair/Bluck

Another plus, Manchester United are CHAMPIONS again.
A suhweeeeeeet win!

A great week:)
Till next time,


Amanda Christine Wong said...

GG spoiler la ko ni jess...waa

Jessica_Lyne said...

haha..sorry! should have put a warning beforehand. But I'm too excited! I swear i have butterflies watching the whole I-Love-You scene!

Elvie DeChantal said...

Jess-babe!! u know wat, DeeDee rly is gorgeous! like u!

Pssst...i got all the complete series of Chuck n GG but omg, i dont know why the hell am i still not watching em. haha! and my blog is still a total mess.lol.

Jessica_Lyne said...

why on earth are you NOT watching them???? haha. u gonna like Chuck and GG finale, they are EPIC.AWESOME. Capat ko p tingu!

ko pun hot ba! (n_*)/