Monday, May 25, 2009

The Naked Truth: 1 - Smiling Woes

"If you don't have a smile, I'll give you one of mine"

Don't you just love her smile? A perfect set of teeth, even and gleamingly white. What I would give for THAT set of teeth! ~sigh~

I have always been aware that my teeth are a bunch of uneven embarrassment. But that never stopped me from smiling of course. That would be stupid. However, these past few days I have been thinking a lot about them teeth. I don't normally do this - looking into the mirror and being overly critical of what I see. Especially not my teeth, but for obvious reasons, I can no longer ignore them.

It all started when this artist dude insisted on taking my pictures. This took place at the backstage of the recent UN event.

Me: "byk lagi tu unduk ngadau sana, ko pi la ambil gambar dorang"
Dude: "suda sa ambil gambar dorang suma. alaa, buli la bah. kijap ja ni"
Me: "bah ok la" (sporting sajala kan..hihihi)

So he practically shoved his digital camera in front of my face, mau ambil up-close la konon. 1,2,3 snaps and we are done. Then he requested something that really made me laugh.

"emm, buli sa gambar ko lagi? tapi...cuba jangan kasi kluar gigi ko"
~points at my pic in his camera~
"tidak rata bah gigi ko"

Now how would you react to that? I laughed. Because it's true and he's the first stranger to point that out. Because of that mind-blowing honesty, I agreed to another snap - this time, without the teeth. haha.

This is why I hate close-ups. I don't have THE TEETH for it.

After that, I can't help but look at my teeth and wonder what could be done with it. There is a way to fix them of course. There's a tool called Porcelain Veneers that could "radically redesign your smile". With dental veneers, we can fix any number of naturally occurring problems from discoloration, uneven or worn-out teeth, to a "gummy" smile." says the front page of Aesthetika Dental Center.

If it could be fixed, why not? It will not change who I am, the word 'improvement' is more like it. More importantly, I'm not doing it because of what others said (ok,maybe a little :P). It's more like a personal satisfaction. Besides, pouting and crooked smiles for pictures are getting old. I have too much of those.

The truth is plain & simple :I'm sick of NOT being able to take close-ups because of my teeth.
And I do love taking pictures.
I should really get a smile makeover in the near future:)
But if you think this gonna stop from smiling-with-teeth, it won't.
They are not perfect but I'm fond of them.
Besides, what are 'angles' for? :p

(n_^) v


Amanda Christine Wong said...

there's nothing wrong with your teeth! apa la tu org u have a little taring terkeluar but so what?thats make u cute and teeth on the other hand...

Carmelliny said...

eee..berani jg tu org ckp gitu sma ko Jess..kalo sa tu ndak mau layan dh dia tu

SuicideCandy said...

alala... LOL... brani jua 2 urg ckp g2 ah. LOL... tp sy agree la, 'what are angles for?'... LOL

Cynta said...

duinah jess, ur smile is gorgeous!! peduli la tu cameraman LOL

Jessica_Lyne said...

Manda: No, there's nothing wrong with your teeth babe. Pigi check balik ur smiling pics, u r gorgeous!
...Bida ba tu taring..hahaha, but like you said - so what? ~

Carmel: sa trus terblur ni carmel. mau cover malu2 kucing, sa kasi eya ja..haha. Tia pa la, kasi chan..haha.

SuicideCandy: cari angle terbaik :P

Cynta: thanks sis. sia pun ter-malu skijap tp bila pikir2 balik, apa juga tu kan..haha

Dierdre said...

Lama tia p blog ko ni jess! new look owh suda. mine pula.. bercobwebs suda.. hahaha... hmm... you say that abt ur teeth. what says mine??? hahaaha.. ko pun tau juga kan what i'll do with my 1st pay. if u're planning to get veneers, make sure yg berkualiti lah. crappy ones will only stand 5 years before it begins to chip. btw, the photographer mcm tua2 skit ka? kurus2. pindik2. long hair. creepy smile.

Jessica_Lyne said...

odoi dedz, where have u been? hehe. I'm thinking of getting veneers, but not now. Maybe in 3 years. Klu mau yg the best quality, it should be expensive. There goes my savings for Old Trafford..I don't think he's a photographer, dia bawa digicam ja. He seems to know everyone there, jd sa pun eya2 ja. suma description tu ngam except dia kira mudala, 25-ish cam tu, not sure bout d hair. yg sa ingat curly2..haha

Dierdre said...

owh.. i thought the same guy yg pg UN tuaran last year. he was responsible for making my mouth cramp even b4 kluar stage. kira same case jugala kita ni. dia ambil close up shot. after 2 shots he told me to smile without showing my teeth. tapi nda la straight4ward mcm ni urang.. hehehhee

GeTzzz.... said...

Good Lord! You look just gorgeous here..u really have a wide sweet smile....