Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Body Conscious

Your dresses should be tight enough to show you're a woman
loose enough to show you're a lady.

Edith Head

I absolutely adore this goddess of a dress. It exudes a sexy-classy elegance without the slutty undertones. Body Con, they call it. Some said you have got to have a toned body = flat stomach to pull it off. So, the basic rule is - the stomach must not protrude significantly, but that's not really a big problem, is it? Three solutions come to mind:

1. choose a dark/brown patterns. These colors are the most forgiving for a bumpy stomach.
2. Do buy a size bigger. Body con dresses are clingy, tight fitting types. So no 'oversize' issues here.
3. Corsets

Should I just ignore the fact that I have no current occasion to wear it to? What if BodyCon becomes a cliche next year? The dress will rot to death in my closet!
Oh well, a girl can never have too many dresses. or shoes.

p/s Jess loves ASOS :)


Icky said...

ala, jus buy la...i hav tonnes of clothes, n i only wear like 2 3 of em, haha XD

GeTzzz.... said...

The thing abt we lady's - ..we are too conscious abt satisfying our wants and not our needs..

We tend to have a bulk of handful dresses in the closet..and some of them u wont even wear it because it doesnt suit the occasion. . SO, wen is the suitable occasion be? At last, it'll be just a weary collection and not into trend. .

BUt, it's better to think it this way... Y not altering ur dress and give it a tip-top few beads and'll sure look like a BOMB.. SImple dresses being added up with a few shiny here, beadsy there...It'll look superb, darling!

bUYING A DRESS just because it sexy and all...well., i m sure u still have sexy dresses that executes the SEXY u...

I think it's better to give a second thought.. If u REALLY REALLY want it and by the end u still have ur money..Then! Why not! Go ahead and buy it! You deserve wearing it!


Jessica_Lyne said...

Icky: coming from a guy, that's something..haha. Thanks 4 d words of support! hehe

Felly: so true. so many wants and in the end we end up cursing ourselves for buying things we don't 'need'. But i so agree with the 'altering' idea. We can always improvise right.

Like i said, i love d dress cuz it's sexy-classy. I don't usually go for such tight fitting types but bodycon is apparently an exception.

p/s This baby from asos costs around RM 200-ish. I am, indeed having 2nd thoughts cuz i'm semi broke @ the mo'..hehe

chegu carol said...

hi jess!

yup, girls can never have enough of dress, or shoes, or bags :D

im very particular about buying dress but if it fits, there's no second thought unless of course if the dress will burnt every pocket and wallet i have :D

Carmelliny said...

Jess,ndak pyah fikir lagi,beli ja..hehe

Jessica_Lyne said...

carol & carmel

I don't have second thoughts anymore. Now if only my pocket will allow me! haha. Must get myself a part time job. :)

Anonymous said...

OMG. I just noticed am a woman's lady/ haha

Anonymous said...

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