Sunday, November 29, 2009

Playing Barbie

"Dress shabbily, they notice the dress.
Dress impeccably, they notice the woman."

I'm not much of a fashion buff but when it comes to dressing up(or down), I love attires that exude sexy bad-ass vibe, clothing that acknowledges femininity with masculine undertones. Apparently, floral dresses and combat boots can be best friends after all:) Retro style is also a win for me, along with Kristen Stewart bed hair (not the mullet).

2009 is indeed, the year to let loose and be merry. So, what's you biggest fashion experiment this year?

Pics credit to: Face Hunter and LookBook


Amanda Christine Wong said...

bohemian maxi dresses! cam terlampau bergaya ni mau pakai jln2...but cam mau try juga! hehe

syam said...

a pair of jean, reveals the curve of a woman. love the 3rd dress ^^

Gallivanter said...

I like the's very true I must say...

Li said...

mine would be the boyfriend blazer...put off wearing it for so long & finally just did..haaha
and the booties trend..but it's hard when you walk a lot & fast..thus i stick to flats for everyday..hehe

Dierdre said...

ooops. ahahaha. i feel like i got sumthin in my stomach ni... we got the same sorta post n now i feel like deleting mine. ehehhee.. u browse lookbook ka juga... i've been recently addicted to it... and yeah, i remember u talked about them boots.. go rock it babe! i oredy imagine you wearing em and u sure pull it off!

Jessica_Lyne said...

Manda: that's one style i haven't tried yet. Kalau jalan2 shopping ok ba tu, glamer lagi..hehe

Syam: Jeans. Every girl's fave:)

Gallivanter: It will be a shame if ppl remember what we wear and not us:)

Li: The boyfriend blazer is also my top fave this year..the boots not so much though. It's too fancy to be worn for a casual day out. I prefer wedges.

Dedz: hehe, i haven't had the guts to wear combat boots. It's too flashy and awkward klu pakai around KK. Maybe someday, when on vacay somewhere NOT in KK..hehe

Jessica_Lyne said...

oh ya, one more! Lookbook is awesome, fashion and photo inspiration to the max :D

p/s Same sorta post is no biggie bah, info sharing org bilang:)

Icky said...

more colors, i think...? hehe