Monday, October 3, 2011

It's A Small Joy: Butter Cookies

It could be a smell, a flash of color, a smile, a coloring book or a phrase that immediately brings you back to a memory. Of little moments in the past, that hovers just beneath your consciousness. These deja vus are often heartwarming ones, or what some would say 'a small joy'. Well, I had THAT moment while grocery shopping at the supermarket this afternoon. I was looking for Oat Crackers when something familiar caught my eye....wait..wait for it..

It's the Danisa Traditional Butter Cookies! I haven't had a taste since.....can't recall when was the last time but it was surely a LOOOONG time ago. I used to think the Danisa Butter Cookies as a "once in a blue moon" cookies because mum seldom bought it, but when she did, the box would be empty at the end of the day.

 This particular sight never fails to take my breath away. Yummy yumm yumm!

So these are the types of the cookies in the box. Believe it or not, I just found out what they are today. -_-

This one's my favorite. Always have, always will. The Vanilla Ring cookie.

I love bumping into remnants of my childhood. This particular one reminds me of simpler times, when all I need to do to feel happy is have a Vanilla Ring Cookie, a hot Milo and my dog Tudy (now deceased). God and His little reminders! :")


Anonymous said...! I love these cookies too. My fav would be the one with sugar on top :D rectangular-ish.

Kenny said...

Love these cookies, too :) Mau bljr buat sndri tapi nda sama rasa mcm yg kena beli d kedai..hehe :)

Miss Jess_Lyne said...

Van, it's called the Sugar Slice :)

Kenny, betul tu. Susah mau tiru klu teda recipe kan :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jess :D Sugar Slice, such a lovely name (Macam boleh dijadikan virtual nick name ni tau...alas, I no longer chat in mirc...)

Amanda Christine Wong said...

nostalgia attack! well yeah, as a kid i thought all of them are the same, just with different shapes :D

GeTzzz.... said...

Ahh. . Yes! Youre right about the once in the blue moon cookies. . It was my fav too. . Growing up in a family where financial matter never ends,it was quite like winning a lottery in the dry months having danisa butter cookies on the table hahaha. . .

Rungitom said...

Cookie Monster approves. :3

jae said...

it reminds me of my childhood.. :)

Miss Jess_Lyne said...

Sis Felly: hey, that's my life story! :)

Rungitom: yeayy! here, have a bite!

jae: ditto :)

taukey ikan joe said...

uit... sa follow.. :)
sedap biskut..

Miss Jess_Lyne said...

sedaaap :)

Charley29 said...

my baby's favorite cookie.

Ulwan Hariry said...

I like Current Crunch