Friday, February 27, 2009

Perverted Pests

Life had not been kind to me for the last two weeks.
I almost died of fever and burning tonsils.
I was on the brink of insanity with all the tests and assignments begging for my undivided attention,
Rihanna postponed her concert, which left me heartbroken:-( (sial ko chris brown)..
A memorable F (don't get me started on that)..
But nothing beats "being sick" and "recovering".
It was the WORSE dying experience ever.
And THAT Monday visit to the clinic was really something.

I was sitting quietly while waiting for my turn to see the doctor,
I was alone, my temperature raging to the point that even breathing hurts,
I willed myself to stay awake!
But this particular shithead decided that maybe messing with me would be fun.

shithead: "awak! awak"
I turn to look at him.
"Awak demam ke?"
"Awak ni keje mane?"
"Oh, kawan2 awak ade yg mat rempit ke?"
His friend was smirking, apparently enjoying the direction of the conversation.

At this point, I ignored him. Asshole was trying to piss me off.
Of course, just like any other social retards,
my silence didn't stop him.
So he starts pestering me with one stupid question after another,
Despite the stubborn headache hammering my brain,
I won't and can't be aloof anymore.
I refused to be bullied into silence.
Like girls so often do when they are being tinkered with.
I looked him in the eye and said:
"Excuse me?"
~still talking gibberish~
in a civilized and firm voice.

At the direct eye contact, he looked away.
Unfortunately, the harassment didn't stop there.
Only the villain takes the form of a taxi driver.

"saya lama suda mau cari girlfriend org sabah..bukan utk apa, pigi makan2, crita2 sekali skala.
macam adik jaga sy, sy jaga adik.
sy boleh belanja adik rm 100, 200, 300 ka.."

Punya main tekejut sa kena bagi 'offer' mcm tu
Do I look like a fucking hooker to you??
Holding back my anger, I asked:

"Bini uncle tidak marah ka? Tidak bagus oh buat mcm tu uncle"
Nah, kena kau!

But, this old wrinkly pervert was unperturbed. Didn't even answer my question.
Even implied that we should exchange phone numbers.
I was so glad to get off that taxi.

In short, I never felt so SICK and HUMILIATED my whole life.
Porcine, perverted pests!


Cynta said...

Perverts is one of my pet peeves.

Jessica_Lyne said...

mine too! am sick sick sick of these types!

LIYANA said...

oh gosh!!
there's lots of sick dudes out there...
giler bodo soklan tat guy tat u met in the klinik..
bg jaa muka garang...hahah

Amanda Christine Wong said...

what to do la, gadis sabah sume cantek2 belake...I bet he went to eff himself after you got down.

Jessica_Lyne said...

Liyana - klu ingat pasal lelaki moron tu, mmg geraaaammm sangat! next time, i'll just bring my mp3:-P
Manda - I bet he did. what sickens me so much ws d way he said it with a straight face, wat an ass!

Audrey said...

cib*i pnya semenanjung mmg byk gatal.