Monday, February 2, 2009

She Cries

The greatest test of courage on earth is to bear defeat without losing heart.

I was browsing PerezHilton when I "stumbled" upon an entry on Roger Federer's lost at the Australian Open last night. I've been avoiding SUCH entries as well as ESPN Tennis and after the match, because it HURTS so much to acknowledge the loss.
It was one of the biggest match in his life, and mine as well. (been a huge fan of Roger since his Wimbledon triumph over Pete Sampras in 2001)
Turns out it was not his night to shine after all.

I followed the match using IBM Slam Tracker, and thank god I didn't watch in on TV because apparently, Roger cried during the trophy presentation.
Who wouldn't?
He was vying for a place in history.
He could have equalled Pete Sampras' record and resumed his authority on hard court.
And me, being the crybaby I am, cried when I saw this:

If i had known, I would have avoided PerezHilton like the plague.
Damn you Perez!


wA said...

Apparently jessie nadal had proven his worth during the semis with the over 5-hours stretch of play, had he not?

there's still time for federer. but he's kinda cute though when he cries.

yeap, lost is painful, albeit is not unusual.

Jessica_Lyne said...

Agreed, nadal is a worthy successor indeed but Roger worked hard too, he had a tough quarterfinal match against Del Porto. But then again, maybe it's just what he needs to continue striving and thriving:) Amen to that.
p/s oh yeah, he looks adorable..hihihi

audreyluvschuckbass said...

bapz pun sedih federer kalah.wahaha!

Jessica_Lyne said...

ya bah? pn sedih bah

Anonymous said...

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apparently some people have nothing better to do than disrupt other people's life..
haih *sigh*
sorry for any inconveniences..