Sunday, March 8, 2009

Of Licence, Boys, and Luck

"I won't worry my life away"
- Jason Mraz (The Remedy)

"Too lucky.
It has to be luck.
And a bit of determination and st
rong will.
Or else this week would be a total waste"

For starters,
I am now legal on the road.
Passed my JPJ test last Wednesday!

Guess where I celeb

At the Jason Mraz's concert (Stadium Negara, KL)
He is simply AWESOME! I came as a so-so fan, and went out a fanatic fan. He had a fab backing band, and an even better voice than on record. When he belted out "If It Kills Me",
I swear I almost fainted cuz his voice is so beautiful and haunting and heart-wrenching at the same time.
You have to be there to know the feeling! So, let me give it to you straight:
Jason is HOT + SEX
and most of all
You could tell how much he loves what he does:)
Thank you for making my first concert memorable, xoxo

I was in the pit and look at how CLOSE we were at one point! hihi. Blurry shot coz it's hard to maintain a steady hand when everyone keeps pushing and screaming!


p/s A special holla to my cuz, Yen! Never thought that we would see each other there:-)
It was a pleasant surprise (n_n)/

What A Week:-)


Cynta said...

I heart jason mraz!!!! so lucky oh u to go to his live concert!! ada ko pigang dia?hehehe

Jessica_Lyne said...

yay! im glad i went:) teda sa tepigang dia, ada pagar lagi bah dapan sa, pas tu dia tia turun bawah, squatting atas stage ja. Tp setakat nampak face 2 face pun bulilah..hihi

nurul khairunie said...


oh hi there =)

Jessica_Lyne said...

Thanks 4 dropping by girl:-)

Carmelliny said...

OMG!Jelesnya sa!!!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

woohoo! u should've jumped at him and be that 'one crazy fan who jumped at me from one of those asian countries that i went'...hehe

Jessica_Lyne said...

well, i was tempted but too many security dudes in my way. Damn!

RiEn_Akio said...

Tula tu Jess... If we came up if a strategic plan... like disguising ourselves as one of da PBSMs... Or ndak pn da security guards themselves... We could have KIDNAPPED Jason from da stage!!! LOL

Jessica_Lyne said...

Now menyesal pula tida buat macam tu! haha