Saturday, March 14, 2009

Seriously, WTF?

The match is over, but the EPL isn't,
but they are celebrating as if the season is over. (pffffffttttttthhhh)
I guess when you beat the Champions of the WORLD, EUROPE, and ENGLAND,
It's almost like winning the premiership you haven't won for 19 years and counting.

Reality check: I'm dissapointed with our performance,
I thought it would get better after the Inter game.
Losing is not something that we are accustomed to, and losing against Liverfool is, perhaps even worse that losing the Cup.
On the bright side, we are still on for the Quintuple and maintained our top position.
Vidic, I still love you:)

Some things are just not meant to be.
We will bounce back. We always do.
Oh, I know so:)


p/s This is a strange night, really. I had a good day shopping and book-hunting at Times Square and the Summit.
Obviously, my good day is fucked up.
Good Night.


Hafriz said...

It's okay Jess. Let's take this loss like a champ. We'll win the league again. Haters will always hate the best.

Glory glory Man United.

Jessica_Lyne said...

u're right. We gotta take this as a wake-up call. Gotta play better in our remaining matches. U know, I think they can take that as an advance consolation before we clean up all the trophies this season..haha.