Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Wooing Made Easy

These days, you don't even have to meet the person to ask for his/her phone number.
With the existence of Facebook/Friendster/Tagged/Myspace. etc,
all you have to do is type a couple of lines and hope for the best.
It's time saving,
even works as a face-saving device from the shame of face2face rejection.

In my case,
I don't do phone numbers exchange with online strangers.
Now don't go accusing me of being snobbish and standoffish,
I just feel it's safer that way.


Zen said...

hi, im pretty much attracted to you. Can I have your number?

...wait. I already have it.

p/s: i'll share with anyone interested as long as the price is right.

Jessica_Lyne said...

Oh, in that case, I want a 50/50 share! haha

Amanda Christine Wong said...

i thought u were gonna circle the 'at' for grammar mistakes! hehe...

u know, once i got a foot fetish who messaged me on frienster and said he was willing to clean my shoes and do foot 'stuff' with me...wtf..

Jessica_Lyne said...

I was more distracted by the 'boldness' of his statement than the 'at' haha! foot fetish? omg, that's so creepy and freaking hilarious 8 d same time. ~sigh~ Lots of desperate ppl out there.

RiEn_Akio said...

Hahaha! Speaking of 'boldness', I was on msn wit Haz yesterday when a guy suddenly began chatting wit me n BOLDLY wrote in his broken English; "You relly sexy... relly sexy! Hv picts wit you no clothes on?" (O.O) WTF???
And don't get me started when he start describing his *beep*!!! (I blocked him oredi... In case you were wondering...)

SuicideCandy said...

LOL.... LOL... LOL..... I can't stop laughing. Cursed Facebook/friendster etc!!!! Now perverts/psycho can access all info about someone without being a stalker.

LIYANA said...

i can so totally relate to this(gosh..sounds so bimbo-ish)..
i've had msg'es on my fb of guys like..can i get 2 knw u?..boleh knal?...
and when you don't reply,they'll be like..'sombongnyer!'...
is my rights to reply or not right???adoissss