Wednesday, June 3, 2009

June's A Pronk

"Life is full of choices, if you have the guts to go for it. That's why I get immediately bored with anyone's complaining about how boring their life is, or how bad is their town. Fucking leave and go somewhere else. Or don't."
- Oh Henry Rollins, not everyone is a rock star. I see your point but I'd rather vent.

When June descends, I know exactly what's going to hit me.
Boredom. Idleness. House chores.
July is not that far off. The craze,buzz and fuss of hectic life is looming ahead.
So there's ample time to ponder and wonder, to plan and contemplate previous and predicted failures.
Equilibrium. It's sucking me in.
It is during this period, this state of idleness that seduces the mind to think TOO far ahead,
daring one to toy with dark thoughts...stuff that miseries are made of.
I'm not the brooding type.
So it pisses me off when I'm forced to be one.

On the bright side, May was amazing.
Comrades reunited. Friendship renewed. Plenty of love, fun and laughter to be cherished.
(Every reunion is a type of heaven:D)

(1) Nina's Engagement Day

(2) High School BFF reunion:)

Oh, and this....

Another lifelong dream about to be fulfilled.
Hopefully bad luck doesn't "if-you-seek-amy" with other untimely obligations.
Now, off to deflower my FRIENDS dvd set.
Till next time peeps!


LIYANA said...

Friends is the best sitcom ever!!!!!
I've all 10 seasons too & watching the episodes never fail to cheer me up on a bad day..^_^

Amanda Christine Wong said...

i have spent approximately rm300 on the full set dvd...i should've rent it out to get my money back...ko nda kastau awal2 ko mau...heheh

Jessica_Lyne said...

Li, yes! the bestest ever hands down!
Manda: alala. cuba ko advert d blog every series dvd that you have. bleh buat bisnes suda tu;)