Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Gem Of A Goodbye

"I am awesome because you are, too"
A tribute post for my Form 4 Perdana

The day before, they stabbed my poor heart with indifference.
The next day, they surprised me with a crazy show of gratitude that only they could pull off. It just so happens that my mentor, Sir Eric was in the class as well. The loonies told him that "kami mau komplen ni pasal teacher sama Sir". I was taken aback. What complaints? Well, I did shout at them, make them do the embarrassing 'pinky promise' a couple of times and bombard them with trying questions and sarcastic comments. But I did those for their sake, always with the best intentions at heart. Maybe I missed something.
After a few frantic "advance explanations" to Eric for whatever complaints that they have, I sat up straight and said "ok, let me have it". The weird part was, nobody wants to go first. One of them breaks the silence, "bah oklah. Since teda org mau mula, kami ada mau kasi tunjuk sama teacher" said Kezia, (the ringleader). They made me close my eyes. In that instance, I knew exactly where it was going. But what they did, took my breath away.

The gifts are not random at all. They gave me a box full of candies "untuk balas balik semua gula2 yg teacher selalu bagi kami" (Ronail). The Cadbury Classic Collection because I DO love chocolates, I might have told them that during one of my ramblings in class. As for the clip in the CD, words fail me. Never thought that appreciation could feel this..heavenly :-

I told them once that it's gonna take a lot to make me cry. In the end, they reduce me to this:

pic belongs to Kezia. (teacher 'pinjam' pic ni k)

They are a bunch of loonies My favorite loonies.
Thank you, 4 Perdana, for being awesome, all of you have made me a better teacher.
You will always be one of my favorite reminder on why I choose to be in the teaching profession. Somebody once said that one can never forget her first students. I couldn't agree more.

Tattooed to memory, a permanent treasure. For Always.
Miss Jessy


Dict MFG said...

I'm smiling so widely right wouldn't even believe... That's so sweet ^^ I wanna have students like them =)

Cynta said...

aww..jess, they're so sweet :-) terharu sia baca ni. i like the part when u said they'll always be a reminder why u choose the teaching profession. When i'm down, i always look at the pics of my first students..they too remind me about the rewards of teaching. siok kan jadi cigu?hehehe

Eric Constantine said...

Jessica, u r the best...u won their heart ...kalau kena post jauh2, u'll survive with your sweet personality.

Liyana said...

that's so pretty--the sparkly Miss J it a big card???
that's lots of chocs!!!
ur students r so sweet..btw,love ur outfits!!I'm so effing jealous cos' here we've to wear baju kurung all the time in school...sigh

Amanda Christine Wong said...

girl, u are born to be a superstar teacher :)

fareHana said...

wow jessica, I hope I can be a teacher like you. You are such an inspiration

GeTzzz.... said...

There u go honey! I sure u'll be blogging this last day ef urs. I waited for d days to come and here it is!
I sure expected u will be crying and those tears are hurtful to leave ur loonie ss, and happy to see how much they actually had grown under ur supervision:)

The gifts were amazing!so touching.. . reminiscing my olden days..full of cards biscuits and roses:)

at first,3 mths is too long wen u n d ss aren't going the way u wanted them to b. by the end, it was like u had been there with them for just a few weeks. the duration was kinda short eh?

wait till u come and join the reality of the teaching line. U'll appreciate the lunatic students. cuz they teach u more about life:)

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Jessica, you sure must have made an impact on your class.
One looks back with appreciation to the brilliant teachers, but with gratitude to those who touched our human feelings. The curriculum is so much necessary raw material, but warmth is the vital element for the growing plant and for the soul of the child.

The teacher who is indeed wise does not bid you to enter the house of his wisdom but rather leads you to the threshold of your mind.

The task of the excellent teacher is to stimulate "apparently ordinary" people to unusual effort. The tough problem is not in identifying winners:
it is in making winners out of ordinary people.

Have fun, just think in 10 years some of your students might be pilots, CEP's of Public companies, even a Prime Minister, and they will remember you.
Have a pleasant week, Lee.

dyradyana said...


we gonna miss them...damn miss them...

they made us teacher(=

~good luck to us syg~

Icky said...

i like them curtain ones...they really like u huh?

Carmelliny said...

fuyoh..beruntung ko Jess dpt student mcm tu..

Carmelliny said...

btw,the ur skirt bh..cantik oh..

dedriette said...

-Teacher of the year-

Jessica_Lyne said...

Dict: Sure makes you all fired up 4 practicum right? :)

Cynta: siok!!!! haha. They really made my day:)

Liyana: it is big! hehe.

Zeeq: yes. Indeed (n_n)

Felly: a bit wary but am looking 4ward to deal with 'lunatic students'. I have a feeling these r the type of studenst that can make or break you as a teacher. Thanks 4 d heads up sis! :)

Eric, Farhana,Amanda and Uncle Lee: THANK YOU! muahchhhh xoxo

Icky: I think so..haha

Carmel: tenkiu :D

Deidre: 4 Perdana - Students of the Year-

t a u f i k said...

omg reading ur entry makes my eyes go gaga. haha i was like i want moreeeeee~ congrats jess. im happy for you :)

kuziekuzie2411 said...

teacher, if teacher kena transfer jauh jauh, and if we cannot meet anymore..., dont ever forget us as ur first student...the first kids yg teacher ajar.....dont forget that ya..and teacher mau taw...dulu dulu yang first teacher datangkan, i dont expect that you can opened my eyes... i mean, for the first time kan i'm not intrested with you...tapi lama-lama kan..., i start to like you... hehe... we are going to miss u..oh, no going.., we already started missing you....

Jessica_Lyne said...

Kuzzy, i will always remember each one of you. Even the card pun teacher simpan tu smpai bila2:) I miss you guys too - i always watched the video that deidre made:) teacher paham ba tu, it always takes time to get used to a person you have just met. Well, i'm glad we hit it off eventually:)

syam said...

im astonished, touched and its real sweet of ur Ss. Ure so gonna be a great Teacher. Reminds me the priceless reward of becoming a teacher :)

p/s: love ur blog :p

Anonymous said...

i am mesmerized! you are definitely ONE OF A KIND :D

Jessica Lyne said...

mimi & V: thank you so much darls:) practicum was the best part of my 2009;)