Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Neat Mess

Do you mind if I invade your personal space? - anon

Girls Night never failed to yield interesting encounters. Like this one:

"Look at me six packs. It's real babe, touch 'em"
~lifts up his shirt~
And so I did. Impressed, yes (ok, I was curious. I've never touched a six/four pack abs before), but what makes the whole thing ridiculous was when he said
"E's muscles are bigger than mine and he wants to go back with you".
I think I LoL-ed in response. Amusing, really.
He must be drunk or that must have worked every time.
He reminds me of that Shania Twain song - it goes something like this -

Okay, so you're Brad Pitt
That don't impress me much
So you got the looks but have you got the touch
Don't get me wrong, yeah I think you're alright

My point is - six pack is hot. Others might have tapped that. But uno-nighto-stand is not my thing. I have nothing against people who embrace that. Each of us have different versions of "living life to the fullest".
Mine does not include random hookups.
We dance, we talk, we laugh, we drink, we eat,
I know your name, you know mine, I've seen..err..touched your six pack abs and you loved my rendition of I Will Survive
But we don't leave together.

p/s showing off your abs to get lucky is a terrible pick up line. Just saying.


GeTzzz.... said...

I agree u on hooking up uno-nighto-stand...
But some pple might get into this 'uno-nighto-stand' business not in search for FUN but actually accidentaly slipped and fall into the terrain of this business. .

They are actually on the verge to find someone special. Some might get their dream come true and some just couldnt reach to what they wanted. Tht is when the inner conflict surface and the business goes on and make the person wild and immoral in the eyes of the society. . .

Bottom line, life is defined differently by each individuals... and i RESPECT yours. . . M happy to hear something that values dignity from a beautiful lady like you:)

Li said...

i have sum friends who have one night stands or have random sex for fun..yes,for fun because they who are guys,told me that i should join em because sex should be a fun thing & not an emotional that is soooooo speaking & thinking using ur dick!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

good for u girl! and that was a horrible, horrible pick up line! but i don't mind touching it too!

Jessica_Lyne said...

Felly: Ya, I guess sometimes we make decisions at d spur of d moment, and some of it might not yield the outcome that we wanted. What did they say bout life being bittersweet? :)

Li: typical males. they take what they can get i think. It's so easy 4 them to say that random sex is fun, they r not the ones risking pregnancy!

Manda: hehehe. great minds think alike!

Dierdre said...

When was this??! Hahaha. Me pun LOL-ed owh baca! And what's the point of showing the abs when it's the E guy he's helping to get laid. A favour kali. C E big muscles no guts? Or like you said, that must have worked every time. They're just one of those people who thinks FUN at the place means sex and sex alone.

Jessica_Lyne said...

Once upon a time in october..haha. I have no idea what's gotten into this guy, but obviously i was not into his friend, E and he tried to turn the situation around by showing off his muscles and implying E got bigger ones. who's gonna fall 4 that? hahaha. Ya, apparently their definition of fun is really skewed.

dechantal said...

gahhhh! twas such an encounter with em guys! especially E. LOL

Jessica_Lyne said...

haha. they r nice guys bah kan but the abs thing is freaking hilarious.

dechantal said...

and E is younger than me! muahahaha.

Jessica_Lyne said...

oh, a trivial point, dear! haha