Monday, October 5, 2009

a pretty a day

“I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks.”
A post dedicated to my Form 4 Persona

We never had it perfect.
I tried. You shrugged.
But the funny thing is,
Our story did not go according to my liking
You went ahead anyway,
And gave me the best, unconventional ending ever.
Thank You 4 Persona :)


Liyana said...

omg jess..kamu xpyh pakai bju kurung all the time ke??beshnyer!huhu

Dict MFG said... I can't wait for my prac...

Cynta said...

siok kan? ;-) heheh

GeTzzz.... said...

Told ya u'll be thier FAV!

Did the experience shove u to a better place? I think it did..BEing in the HEARTS of many:)

Jessica_Lyne said...

Liyana : my school is quite lenient with the dressing code, as long as it's classroom appropriate:)

Dict: ur time will come and when it arrives, enjoy it 2 d fullest:)

Cynta: hihihi. kalau yg last2 suda tu mimang siok :)

Felly: It's a long road to their hearts. But it's worth it, just like u said, being in d hearts of many do beats getting high marks for observation :)