Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Futue Te Cockroaches!

I fucking hate cockroaches!
They just pop out of nowhere!!
Last night, I was happily watching Supernatural  on my laptop and suddenly two cockroaches emerge from behind the screen, onto the keyboard and threw me off my chair.
I don't know how it happened but I was so shocked that I fell off my chair and landed ass first on the floor.
Hurts like hell.
Repelled beyond words.
My dad heard the commotion, saw the cockroaches and thought it was funny.
My dad can be so insensitive sometimes.
I was pissed tahap matahari and it increased tenfold when the said cockroaches were still wandering around my study table. I really want to beat both to death but then I'm gonna have to clean up the gooey smelly mess of the remains.
That's right EUWWWWW!
I waited for about 10 minutes before the cockroaches sauntered down the table and out of the room.
Six reasons why I hate cockroaches:
1. yes, they pop out of nowhere.
2. they are hideous
3. I heard that if they pee on your eyes, you'll turn blind.
4. they fly
5. they bite
6. they don't go away even if you say "shoo!shoo!" or make growling noises. Rats will run away but these punks will charge ahead like nobody's business. They are not afraid of you, instead they swing that tentacles defiantly as if saying "I own you bitch".

I fucking hate cockroaches.


GeTzzz.... said...

we are just in the same boat. I really hate coack's(coakroaches) i mean hehehe~laughing~

And yes they just pop out anywhere they like as if they own all the road access in the house.

i hate the smells too, especially when thei just leave thier poops in small holes where our pinky cant even reach...

Was cleaning mummy's cupboard drawer in the kitchen..No signs of coacks but poops were everywhere...And it SMELLS! It was a very high density of smell that stings ur nose~angry~

I opened the drawer to clean it up and when i turned the drawer up right, something happened! And it was not just poops of coacks rolling down on the floor, there were a few eggs of 'cicak' splashing and cracking into sticky icky gooey liquids...EEEEW~

What a day of cleaning! After the aftermath, i babbled mummy for not cleaning it..:p i was scolded back..So much of a help there:p hahahahaha

I was actually waiting for a thank you!But it turned backwards....

anonymous said...

ariffudin has the gift in which he can sense if there is a cockroach inside our room. usually when he spots the cockroach, it will die for sure. I always say that any cockroach that comes into our room is suicidal because they know they will never go out alive. hehe

Anonymous said...

astaga... mengacau jg tu.. haha

carolchs said...

LOL! the lipas at ur room must be a gengster one..suka kacau.

i know we have resident cockroaches in our bedroom. no matter how clean and empty the dustbin is, i'll still see the cockroach roaming around. at first it annoyed me to the extend of killing 'em. now, i dont bother anymore. they dont seem to intrude beyond their limit though or making any waste or unpleasant smell.

SMK Pengiran Omar II said...

urghhh... cockroaches is num 1 in my top 10 most hated list. especially the flying ones. beli tu biji bulat2 puti or spray drg guna ridsect. eee..paling bikin gali la lipas.

Icky said...

cockroaches, they can smell your fear

Angelina said...

I don't know about other places but the cockroaches in my house, if it's on the floor and you hentak your kaki (mo halau la), it will come nearer to you. Seriously.

Miss Jess_Lyne said...

Getz: I totes hate telur cicak too! esp klu dia pecah..yucks! note to self: never scold mummy cuz nobody mess with the boss..hehe.

Taufik: Mo berguru la sama si arif ni! hehe..

Ninie: ya. lipas gengster kan >_<

Chegu Carol: am dealing with bad ass cockroaches here..haha. I was wondering if we could trade our cockroaches :D

Syam: sa pun benci lipasss. Next time dorang roam around my space I'll totally smack it to death! *evil laugh*

Icky: i think so too. grr!

Angel: samala tu mcm lipas d bilik sa. Fearless and conceited >_<

Annie said...

lipas.. kokoroch..

my husband hate this tiny creature as well. me? mm, x hate la but sometimes their absence annoyed me.. haha.. because everytime they're around, my husband will be very scared and run / hide behind me and i'L automatically become tukang kasi mati lipas.. iiii.. at most time saya kaC pukul utk pengsan durg saja, then saya kutip durang tus sa buang d luar..

Dict MFG said...

I fucking hate cockroaches too! But my hatred towards them causes me to become them I mean. I'd be stomping away like I'm Wade whatshisname...

Amanda Christine Wong said...

i dont hate em...but my first instinct everytime i see one i would roll up a newspaper and whack it. i wont be at ease if they're alive. they could get into your ears.

Miss Jess_Lyne said...

Dict: Suddenly i have this weird image of you stomping (but really stomping) on invading cockroaches! haha.

Manda: you just gave me reason number seven. they could get into your ears ~shudders~

Anonymous said...

Your fans always leave long comments. So, let it be simple about the entry: Am on your side.

Tanak Wagu said...

cockroach can be annoying, but you still can kill them by squish them to hell,or whatever style you like to kill them, but when it comes to cicak,they can be even more annoying, because they even can drop their shit from above, and directly it went to my shoulder....and lizards are HARDER to catch....-_-