Sunday, December 6, 2009

My Cup Of Tea

There is nothing like Glee on TV.
 It's easily the best new show of 2009 (I'm bias, I know) but what is there not to love about Glee?
To be honest, I wasn't a fan before because the plot summary didn't appeal to me. I remember muttering to myself "Oh great, now we have high school musical on TV" ~roll eyes~
What possessed me to change my mind you ask?
A friend recommended Glee.
So, why not right? If the pilot episode tanked, I could always split.
But it didn't and I never looked back.
Yes, the plot may lack originality. Since it's set in a high school, you could pinpoint the usual suspects. However, it takes nothing away from the show. The singing is flawless, my personal favorite (so far) is It's My Life/Confessions mash-up and the group rendition of Nelly's Ride with Me.
Each episode is a delightful mix of humor, drama, tension,  a bit of angst and positive moral values.
High School Musical has nothing on Glee.
Another plus?
The villain is in the form of Sue Sylvester.
I'll get down on my knees and worship the ground that she walks on because she takes the meaning of wicked bitch to a whole new level.
I've never felt so much need to punch a TV character until her!
There have been plenty of shows that started strong and then fell from the peak of their first few episodes. Glee shows no signs of faltering. And even if it does, the twelve episodes that I have seen will stand among the best of 2009.
Yes, that good.
It's official, I'm in Glee.


t a u f i k said...

Glee is the new it-thing rite now. hehe tried to watch it before but no one knows about it. susah mau follow kalau tiada org lain yg tgk. teda sources mau tukar2. hehe..

btw nice layout jess. cool!

Li said...

omg..seriyes best ke jess??
arghh damn,cos' of u i rase nk tgk!!a friend of mine like it so much but i mls nk tgk sbb i was like a musical tv series??
cos' i use to watch this 1 brit tv series where the students suddenly burst out singing or like Jonas tv series & i find it so freaking annoying..hahaha...guess Glee is not like em??i want to watch it for Sue Sylvester cos the way u mention her.mesti best!!hahaha

Jessica_Lyne said...

T: Thanks :)
Ya, susah kan klu teda friends yg follow. Source x bleh tukar, mo compare review pun cannot :D

Li: serius best! haha. That was my initial assumption as well, but they definitely don't sing all of a sudden or all the time. You'll always know when a song is in order. Besides, the singing blends so well with the storyline that you wouldn't mind them breaking into a song..hehe. Yes, Sue is epic! Bitch owns me! haha.

DierdreTheseira said...

Hehehe! Since my other shows nada d... Mau tguk laini!

Icky said...

great! we all need something to watch during holiday
currently i'm watching the mentalist, you should too if you haven't

Jessica_Lyne said...

Dedz: must-watch! hehe
Icky: I'm a fan of the mentalist as well. You know what, i've known only two persons who watch that show, you and another friend (three including me). Great show but under appreciated.

Izlin said...

jess: i think you have to include me, my brother and my mother as ze 'Mentalist' fannns!!

i love Jane and his obnoxious stares. :D

Anonymous said...

Lend me a copy, please. PLEASE. I need it so bad. haha

Jessica_Lyne said...

Izlin: it's six now then! haha. I love Jane too and his game of psychic!

Im: Glee is only in its 12 episode of season 1. Kalau donload masi sempat lagi catch up! :D

Aimi said...

i'm a proud GLEEK!!! and those two songs u mentioned are my fave too.. plus, the group's version of lean on me.. one of the best versions i've heard in years.. too bad the 1st season only has 13 episodes.. *sigh* and and.. i love the Mentalist too.. you're right about it being under appreciated.. especially with only 1 golden globe nomination.. pffft..

by the way, just thought of dropping some suggestions for you if you haven't watched them yet:

1. Accidentally on Purpose
2. Dexter
3. Mad Men
4. Californication