Friday, December 4, 2009

Too Nice Of A Disease

 I avoid confrontations like the plague. I play nice most of the time. I'm lucky that people are nice to me most of the time. People who matter of course. Last week, Nice Jess soared to an all time high. You see,  I decided to terminate my Friendster account as some of my friends have canceled theirs. Let's face it, cool 20-somethings don't do Friendster. Elaborate? Irrelevant, because you know why. Bah, back to the story.

This is my FS Cancellation form:

Initially, I ticked the "I switched to another social networking Site" box.
So naturally I have to list the site that I switched to.
And then it hit me. Punya kasian the FS admin kalau dorang baca ni. People snubbing their site for another. I felt even worse reading the benefits of having a FS account listed above the cancellation form. Besa-besa ja ba tu benefits, camana mo kasi kalah Facebok kan? I'm pretty sure it's there to beg people to stay with FS, but once you've had the taste of FB you know you can never go back. (Dramatik kan?)

So, I only ticked the box that says "My friends stopped using Friendster". Hope it softens the blow a bit.
Sounds crazy. Hell even I think I'm crazy!
I am thaaat nice.
It's always between two extremes.
Either bagussssssss betul or jahaaaaatttt gila babz depending on the situation.

Either way, I always get the job done :D


Gallivanter said...

I left Friendster a few months after discovering Facebook in early 2007. It's good that you think of the receiver's feelings before conveying the news.

I wouldn't have done that as I'm very direct. Sometimes, sites like Friendster need direct feedback else they won't be able to improve to take on Facebook.

I still think Friendster is very relevant to young teenagers, but once they are enlightened about Facebook, then it's most likely the taste switches. :-P

DierdreTheseira said...

I've been on Facebook for almost as long as I've been on Friendster.
Those times, you can only display six pictures at once on Friendster, and your Facebook profile fits all, i.e wall posts, applications, personal info, pokes, etc., on one page.
But none of my friends were on Facebook at that time. I only created an account to get in touch with my cousin studying in UK. All of my Facebook "friends" were foreigners.
I was addicted to Friendster. Then suddenly everyone started having Facebook. My friends were moving in from all over the place. Facebook was way too cool compared to the other. And so I became an avid Facebooker.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S --- I go where you go. (^^)~*

Jessica_Lyne said...

Gallivanter: I've been wanting to terminate my FS for the last 3 years but I just never got around to do it until my friends start canceling theirs. It's hard to stay active when everyone who's a friend is on FB:) Yeah, they could use a direct feedback but either option leads to the same outcome = they need to step up if they gonna compete. I guess which network is more important depends on the level of "friends connectivity" each provides.

Dedz: Yeah, I remember reading about Facebook being the latest craze in the US and Europe sometime in 2004 or 2005. The FB fever in Sabah didn't really start until a few years after. Like you said "Friends, I go where you go". If they are on FB, that's where we should be too. Maybe it's not so much about FS being obsolete, it's just that our friends moved on. So did we.

syam said...

i ticked the 4th option. Because I seriously never opened my fs acc haha:p

Anonymous said...

i cancelled too.. boring ba FS

Anonymous said...

I cancel (i mean, about to) for one reason. PLAGIARISM. I've learned the theory, and now am going to go against anything. ANYTHING. that has something to do with plagiarism. And I mean, the latest friendster's interface.

Anonymous said...

Oh forgot to mention, I haven't deleted my FS account as some of my good friends are still there. Am on a mission to 'enlighten' them. Haha