Wednesday, June 2, 2010


This is a story of about a girl and a series of unfortunate events involving a piece of clothing called the g-string or least known as thong, often confused with sandals by some people. 

The first incident took place at her college dorm. Or more precisely, the toilet. The girl recently came into the possession of a cute GS with diamond straps. Fake diamonds AS the straps and not ON the straps. So what happen was, after shopping at the mall the entire day and stubbornly ignoring toilet calling due to her determination to crash every outlet with a SALE sign, her bladder finally rebelled just as she got out of her car at the hostel parking lot. So she ran for her life, I mean, the toilet. She gets there in time, pulled down her jeans in haste and then SNAP! SNAP! SNAP! she watched in horror as the diamond know..snapped. It's a good thing that she was wearing jeans.

The second one is quite crazy. You know when you gather your laundry and one or two or more piece of clothing might slip through your hands. Yeah, that happens when you don't use the laundry basket. Her little cousins were playing nearby with the family dog..who happens to love chewing things. Among the piece of clothing that miraculously slipped through her jelly fingers was a GS, her sister's shorts and her cousin's pink pajama. The family dog wasted no time appreciating his new playthings. The girl and her little cousins wrestledjumpedroared to save each piece and when they finally did, the girl's youngest cousin, a 7 year-old boy holds up the GS and said, "alaaaa, ini santut tinggal tali-tali lagi"....
when the said 'santut' is perfectly intact. 
There are other incidents. Minor ones though. Which she refused to share.
he he

Life's like that :)


Cynta said...

LOL!! adeh...*lap2 air mata due to excessive laughter*

chegu carol said...

Hahaha! Adui bah...tu yg first incident bah..funny eh.

Anyways, I will only surrender to thong when i really need to avoid VPL. Don't fancy the feeling when on it actually hehehe

Amanda Christine Wong said...

after my thong flash under my white dress incident, i declared war against it...

but i like second story! tinggal tali lagi...ahaha

Jessica Lyne said...

Cynta: :D
Chegu: the girl think so too, after these incidents.
Manda: Ditto!

Dict MFG said...

oh gawd...I LOLed at the word santut XD