Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Naked Truth: 2 - Cooking Woes

Dear Diary, 

I am domestically challenged. I mean , I'm great at keeping the house clean and the garden pretty but do you want to know which part of the house that I dreaded the most? - no, it's not the attic. It's the kitchen! Before hitting puberty, I have no doubt that KITCHEN is synonymous to EATING. You go in there for breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner and supper, heck yes, life is good.

That was until I was told that girls should know how to cook. Just like how they should wear skirts, have long hair and smell nice. I never take cooking seriously during my high school years, mostly because my mum cooked all the time, just enough for a family of four. I did, however, acquired the skill to cook fried rice without using onions. Because I hate onions..then. 
I'm partial to it now.

So, my lack of cooking skills or talent never bothered me. I'm not a choosy person, I eat whatever is on the table. Except veggies of course with exceptions to few types of vegetable. Certainly no leafy greens because I have sensitive gag-reflex. I do make a mean spaghetti once in a while. I've improved a lot since my first attempt two years ago. Other than that, I really don't know how to cook.

When I was sharing a house with five other girls in Shah Alam, all of them are cooking monsters! I realized just how behind I am in the cooking department. I didn't know how to prepare 'Ayam Masak Merah" or the "Sayur Kailan dish" or any type of soup for that matter! I usually play Assistant Chef, because I'm THAT bad.

Bad, like how bad. you ask? I have no idea how long to wait until you throw in the veg or chicken or whatever in the pan. How much salt? Chicken cubes? How are they suppose to look like when they are thoroughly cooked? (for fried chicken/fish). So I know what celery is, but what is it for? Now that I do know what the celery is for, another question follows like, how do I prepare it? or what type of dish that should have celery in it?

This girl is a TOTAL FAILURE! I bet that's what you're thinking now. Yes, this is for real, you better believe it. Ask Dedz if you want further clarification. Cooking is my ultimate Kryptonite. I'm graduating with ANC in November but I can't cook if my life depends on it. That's a serious crime to womanity! ~gasp!~

This is my fault obviously. I haven't been paying attention to Mum all this while and I haven't really initiated anything. I can't learn how to cook IF I don't want to cook in the first place. It's really time to get greasy in the kitchen. Take-outs and eating out is fine when you are single, but once married, you don't want to feed your guy with McD all the time, especially when the said guy have a cooking maestro for a mother. Not that I'm getting married or cooking for anyone other than the family anytime soon..heh!

Don't worry future husband, I am learning now. Slowly. I'm not as ignorant as I was two years ago. In fact, I'm getting better. I made my first chicken soup yesterday. My sister said "ok bah". I trusted her judgement because she is a fickle bitch when it comes to food. A better cook than me too! Now, there are mum and dad to impress. Urghhh, daunting!

So, I'm actively googling simple recipes online. Mum is busy with school so she can't really give me a one-on-one tutoring. It's okay, Youtube takes care of that. See if I transformed into Rachael Ray 2.0 in a year's time. 

Or maybe I should just marry a chef.


Nancy said...

Hahah...a BIG SHOUT OUT to all the assistant chefs! I always have that role when I'm with the fam (the one who putung sayur,nangis2 over bawang and cuci piring). In fact,BFs are better chef than moi and yes the assistant chef duty resumes...I'm VERY sure, you'll be able to catch up with that cooking.And thank God for YouTube and Internet!

Jessica Lyne said...

I have a feeling that I'll always be the Assistant Chef when cooking with anyone. No matter how good I've become..haha. I don't think i'll ever have the confidence to cook for other people! Let's pray that i'm a fast learner in this department ~fingers crossed~! :D

chegu carol said...

I always thought Im good at cooking until I met my husband. I still do cooking but just simple home cook dishes that don't require many ingredients and preparations.

Even if you will not be as good as Nigella Lawson, i'm sure you will master the art of cooking in no time. Best of luck!

t a u f i k said...

you go girl! take ur time to conquer the kitchen. XD

Jessica Lyne said...

ChegU: I hope future hubby is a better cook than me! hehe Thanks, will make the best of my cuti to learn how to cook properly.

T: I certainly hope so! :D

Jo Bizarro said...

Last holiday, I finally learned how to cook ayam masak kicap from my mom. It began with a challenge from my sister.

And a miracle happened.

I could cook a proper meal! (after 22 years)

It's not the end of the world. Break a err... Spoon.

Jessica Lyne said...

Joe, that is somehow reassuring. Even miracle takes a little time right :)

Amanda Christine Wong said...

haha! im a fail in cooking veges. like, how long should it be in the kuali till its cooked? do u put water in it? why doesnt it look too good? I dont eat them anyway!

I, too, dream of marrying not a doctor, not a lawyer, but just a humble chef :D

Jessica Lyne said...

yeayy! i haven't tried cooking veg you know, just cuz i don't eat them. Or maybe I will, just to piss off the fam! hahaha

p.s chef makes good money too :)

Lizeewong said...

Yes, marry a chef.

If it's any consolation, I'm the assistant chef too :) *hi 5*
I'm sure many will disagree, but i think with a good recipe, ANYONE can cook. That fat guy in Ratatouille said so too :)

varms said...

My younger sis cooks way better than I do too. My housemate who is a guy, cooks better than me. Cooking just ain't my forte...

Jessica Lyne said...

Vanessa: ditto! :D

Jessica Lyne said...

Lizee: ~hive five back~! hehe. A good recipe makes everything easier, or better - a mentor.