Sunday, June 13, 2010

Spoil You

Being a proud Gleek, I'm really satisfied with the season finale. Of course New Directions didn't win Regionals, Vocal Adrenaline was far more superior with their mash-up performance. What I didn't expect was them (New Directions) not getting a place at all, and their crestfallen expressions was really painful to watch. ~sob~

Other things did fall into the right places. Quinn and Puck's baby girl end up in the arms of Shelby, who is going to be an amazing mum, if her i-want-a-daughter speech is anything to go by. Finn and Rachel - finally getting together. Will and Emma - possibly getting together next season but not without complications. Emma's dentist, the one she's seeing after breaking up with Will,  will make an appearance in Season 2. We've got a love triangle people!

As for Kurt and Mercedes, they will be getting new love interests next season. Now that will be fun to watch! My ultimate wish is for Mike aka The Other Asian to have more speaking lines. Be involved more in the main storyline. Hook him up with Brittany, whatever, just don't waste his potential! Other than that, I love how the writers humanizes Sue, despite her crazy bitch antics. She's capable of compassion and empathy to a certain degree (yeay!)
I love how she stood up to Olivia's scathing comments on the New Directions kids. Olivia branded them as talentless with 'illusions of grandeur' ouch!)
"But they are just kids"
Sue is right. They are just kids doing something that they love with gusto. You don't shoot them down by criticizing them with venom, constructive feedback is always the way to go.

As for the best performance by New Directions this season? I'll have to go with the Regionals performance. That's a perfect 10 for vocals and heart.
Oh tizzles, I'm going to miss Glee! Do come soon Season 2 :)

As for real life, I got an A for my AE aka thesis. To be honest, I think I would die if I get less than an A. Read this, it's a tribute to my depression in the course of completing AE..haha. The thing is,  I have put everything that I've got into it (kunun-kunun la) that it would be a crime to not expect a good grade :)
When I saw this on my final examination result slip:
I know I made it :)

p/s Please excuse the hints of self-congratulatory. I'm so happy beyond words now. Please take note that this is not a daily occurrence, both in this blog and real life :)


t a u f i k said...

OMG.... I'm so happy for you Jess! U made it as a ANC recipient! Congratulations! I'm proud of u. You go girl! Congrats too for scoring A for ur thesis. I heard it was hell to get it completed.

About Glee, I was thinking of doing a summary of the finale. But I have a feeling that u'll do it and here we go. Aha. agree on Mike part. I really anticipate him to shine in the next season. He's fading into the background. No, he's actually in a background. It's a shame cuz he has good potential.

Anonymous said...

Whoa! Congrats for that award! (^_^)

Dewi Batrishya said...

Huyoo! Congrats! Congrats!
Bleh pinjam kaitu?
Future reference.. ekeke.. :D

Icky said...

gaaa, baru tgk season satu ni!!!

Jessica Lyne said...

T: Thanks bro! It was only tough because of my own laziness -_- haha.
Glad u agreed with my take on Mike, dude really deserve to be part of the main plot.

Aly: Thanks girl! :)

Dewi: Thanks! Buli bah..haha.

Icky:Sorry dude. Should have put spoiler alert up there ._.