Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Always Left Out

Perfect. Just perfect!.
Manchester United recently announced the tour dates for their Asia Tour 2009 and (yeay!!) Malaysia is on the list!
Then all the excitement, relief, and silent screaming gradually disappear when it dawned on me that I won't be in Shah Alam when 29th of July descends. The semester ends in May,
which means that I'll be in KK from May onwards, probably slaving away at some school for practicum..
which means that I'll be a SEA away from my red warriors
which also means that I'm going to miss the ONE event that defines my whole life as Manchester United supporter.
This is so unfair!!!!
I can't wait for another 5 frickin' years so that I can save enough to fly to Old Trafford and watch a home match LIVE.
I want to be there at the stadium, cheering for the team that I have supported with absolute loyalty forever.
I want to be part of the crowd singing/chanting/screaming Glory Glory Man United.
I want to see Ryan Giggs the legend in flesh because he probably won't be playing much longer.
I want to experience the magic that is Manchester United.



want to see them.

My 2009 is officially ruined :-(
Excuse me, I need to go and satisfy this incredible need to sulk and indulge in self-pity.
*vomits annoyance*


Hafriz said...

Too bad. Such a pity.

I will post lotsa pics when I come back from the stadium! NGAGAHAHAGAGAGAHAHA! (evil laugh)

Jessica_Lyne said...

oh, rubbing it in aren't you? hahaha. July is a long way ahead dude, i'm sure i'll come up with something!

wA said...

Atta girl jess-e!

When there's a will, there's a way, they say?

I'll be cheering for you. Sakka is just not for atashi! Sakka wa sucka? Oops. Jodan! (:

Hafriz said...

I'm just kidding Jess. well best of luck, I 'm still figuring out ways on how to get my hands on the tickets.

Glory glory man united. Btw, i'm a huge giggs fan too since his early years at united (got a no 11 jersey back at home, 2003/04 kit). I can still remember fondly how he ripped apart that Arsenal defence with just one exhilirating burst of speed. A legend in my book.

Jessica_Lyne said...

Wa, I need a combination of will and luck, how i wish they cud come early like, before May..haha. Not gonna happen though.

Hafriz, offense..none taken:) Oh yes, THAT run, i've seen replays of that goal but not the whole match though. An absolute beauty aye? For me, it's only second to Ole's late goal at the 1999 champions league final:-) You should wear that number 11 jersey to the stadium come 26/7:-) and do post LOTS of pictures, cuz i'll probably miss it:( If possible, take one of Ronaldo...jersey-less! hehehe