Sunday, January 25, 2009

KL, A Love Story

"Unless each day can be looked back upon by an individual as one in which he has had some fun, some joy, some real satisfaction, that day is a loss."

Yesterday was another round of impromptu outing, initiated of course, by Kiko. Girlfriend always seems to come up with a plan for outing at the last possible moments. But I end up tagging along anyway, despite not getting much sleep due to the Asian Lit take home test. Boy O' boy, I could only imagine Mdm. Adzura's reaction when she reads my answers. It wasn't the best effort, but I tried.

A half-assed try for that


We went to see 'Underworld: The rise of the Lycans' at MidValley's GSC. It was an okay movie, predictable, The Cullens are hotter that the Underwold vampires and despite THE bod, Lucian lacked hotness. Or maybe dude just doesn't look good with all that crazy hair and beard covering his face. My head was swimming with fishes after the movie. Damn! that's what sitting two rows from the screen could inflict on one's sorry head.

After the movies, we went round and round, entering shops and boutiques randomly. Didn't buy anything though since the last two shopping spree have effectively damaged my bank account. Lots of loves goes to Daddy Dearest for his generosity to pay for my driving lesson. In my defense, I WAS going to pay for it, but then I found out about the Jason Mraz concert this March,


Now, if only the allowance somehow, miraculously comes out before 13th Feb, I'm definitely buying a ticket to Rihanna's concert..(so that means Jason's will be my second..hihihi~
~prays hard~

Moving on:-)..we walked to The Gardens, spied on a cute summer dress at Ylang Ylang. Discovered a "Jessica" pendant being sold at The Robinsons. Awww:-).
Dropped by at the Borders, bought Harper's Lee "To Kill A Mockingbird". This book has been on my wish list for sometime now. Glad to have it finally.
This is somehow ridiculous because I have TONS of other important and compulsory readings to do, and YET yours_truly stubbornly decided that priority goes to less important -but fun- novels.
Seriously, Shakespeare is a turn-off. It's nothing personal, it's just the language:-)
But for academic sake, I shall persevere (n_n)/

More Pearly-Whites..

~Right after the movie :-)

What a performance this was. They are award-winning acrobats from China, brought in especially for CNY.

Ah, The Gardens.

Chillin' 8 Baskin' Robbins. The ice-cream is as awesome as its price:)

Looking forward to an eventful (hopefully!) week ahead. Happy Chinese New Year, people!
Be safe and have a grrrrreat break!!!


RiEn_Akio said...

Let's do that again!!! Nyahaaaaaa!!! XDXDXD (P/s: I dedicated sumthing 2 u...check out my blog, k? ;P)

Jessica_Lyne said...

Awww..a post 4 moi? hehehe..yeah, LET'S DO ANOTHER RANDOM MONEY WASTING OUTING SOON! ~hoots with cha'~ haha

pReciOus shaRihaNa said...

jeles gila2 tgk pics korg!!!!
nda kira!
lenkali mo join jugak!

and bout that jason mraz concert...
buyuk o0o0o ko jess!
benci! benci! benci!

Jessica_Lyne said...

apa bleh buat pah, ko suda ada plan lain..nda pa, ada new plan coming soon! eg: GENTING!! hihi. Klu ko mau pegi konsert Jason, it's not too late pah! Atau p Rihanna ka, kita bleh sama2 p beli tix!!

audrey said...

mnta puji! cantik btul harga tiket tu.hahaha kalu mamz tau! naaaa

Jessica_Lyne said...

Beh, what to do la..what's done is done..hahaha

Pudina Lee said...

Cool u got to go to Jason Mraz's con!!
me, dont hv d money..n plus i aint much of crowded place person :)
but have fun there k!!
n oh yeah, the pics up there,love lookin at em, u guys look like u had fun!!
ja mata ne
Jasmine.. :)

Jessica_Lyne said...

thanks jasmin:-) hopefully tiada halangan on d day of the concert. We did have tons of fun:-) Hope u have blast too during the break:-)

Amanda Christine Wong said...

you're going to his concert?! awesome! now hide your ticket coz im pretty sure people will be reduced to thieves for mraz...hehe

acad said...

hello there,
I was blog-hopping and stumble upon ur blog and noticed that ur going to Jason Mraz..
well do the tickets are selling fast???
I know it's sooo vain of me asking you but I'm thinking to go and opting for the cheapest ticket..
do u by any chance know is it still available??